Sunday, April 5, 2009

$175,000 Government Grant

MLA George Groenveld and Ted Morton presented a Government Grant in the Amount of $175,000 to the 187 Foothills Air Cadets on the morning of 20 March 2009. These funds have allowed the commencement to completion of the building. The next few weeks shall see an increase in activity around the building. Several Contractors are set to start in their area of expertise from Electrical to In-floor heating.
This money will bring the building alot closer to completion but a shortfall is still foreseen.
A review of floor plans has identified a couple areas of concern that would present a few problems as our Squadron grows, so these points are being addressed in the building stage.

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  1. Breakdown of Cost Estimates:

    Electrical: Estimate: $16200
    - Wiring & Lighting
    - Telecommunications (DND)
    - Emergency lighting/Exits/hard wired smoke detectors

    Plumbing/Heating: Estimate: $67000
    - all plumbing & fixtures
    - In-floor heating system
    - 2x150000BTU IBC Boilers
    - Pumps, alarms

    Cement Works: Estimate: $42000
    - Main floor
    - Sidewalk/pad

    Fresh Water/Septic Tanks Estimate: $28964.25
    - 2x5000 gal Fresh Water tanks
    - 1x5000 gal Septic tank

    Fire Protection: Estimate: $13800
    - Entire building sprinkler system
    - Central fire control panel

    Construction Materials: Estimate: $51000
    - All materials

    Ground works: Estimate: $6000
    - Level property
    - place tanks

    - Gravel Estimate: $3000

    Hangar Door: Estimate: $10479
    - Installation, electric motors, insulation package Estimate: $6000

    Labour: All depends on volunteer input. This is where we see a potential for our greatest cost savings.Volunteers are essential.